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  With over 350 satisfied vehicle customers around the world, we have the experience to weed out ‘junk’ and properly service our quality vehicles! QUALITY PRODUCTS- QUALITY PURCHASING!
Purchasing a top quality product only demands top quality servicing and a proper understanding of the product. With the MOST THOUROUGH service package in the industry, combined with an ASIAN trained and educated service team, our OSP package and final product is unparalleled.
  By choosing a Toyota/Nissan product, you already have a philosophy of product longevity and VALUE for your money. Because we do not cut corners and do insist on quality and thoroughness, our prices are not the cheapest- however, they are by FAR the BEST VALUE when you compare the final product.
  OK-admittedly, we do also use our trucks for ‘weekend shopping’ as well. However, our arduous northern ‘outback’ conditions demand fully serviced and properly equipped vehicles. Because we expect the most of our trucks in our tough environments, we also have the experience to bring your vehicle to full operational condition and specially equip it so it can safely and reliably tackle all your driving requirements.
  We are a unique team of ex-rally drivers, expedition specialists and Toyota trained mechanics. We have a passion for furthering the essence of quality, durability and efficiency through our product range. We are committed to giving you the BEST VALUE for your money!
We accept Mastercard and VISA payments We accept Mastercard and VISA payments