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August 2010:

Hello Jesse,

After driving the Cruiser for a couple months now it has been dream. It seems like everyone admires the truck before they even notice it's a right hand drive. It has been a pleasure driving it. Thanks for finding a solid and excellent condition cruiser. I have driven it on all sorts of roads and nothing seems to faze it. It keeps chugging along. Just wanted to to say thanks for the great job. I would definitely come back again to purchase another vehicle from you in the near future. Take care!

Carlos A. (Fort McMurray, AB)

Carlos HDJ81

March 2009:

Hey Jesse,

I noticed that you are having an inventory blowout and thought I might offer a quick update on my experience with Outback. Perhaps it might help someone make the decision to buy a Land Cruiser from you.

I've had my HDJ81 since May 08 and it continues to impress. It is efficient, reliable, goes anywhere (and I haven't really tested it), a pleasure to drive and frankly, really cool. Surprisingly, it is also very reasonable to insure. It has not been quite perfect but Outback cheerfully and without quibbling fixed any issue that I had. I bought a new Silverado in '03 and had many more issues with it, including resistance from the dealer to fix it. I believe that in these tough economic times, my Cruiser makes even more sense. I still cannot think of a vehicle that offers more for the money and that will not disintegrate in the next 5 years or so.

The fact remains though, that it is a risky proposition to import a vehicle from Japan and I would suggest to anyone to do the math carefully if they are planning to save some money by doing it themselves. These trucks need some reconditioning (after all, they are 15 years old) and the cost can be high if they are not carefully selected. Your premium price is a bargain when you consider the risk that you assume. Please feel free to pass on my email to anyone who is considering purchasing a vehicle from Outback.

John S. (Victoria, BC)

June 2008:

I recently picked up my 1992 HDJ81 from Outback and I wanted share some impressions of my experience. Firstly, Jesse and Oliver are first class people to deal with and they deliver exactly (actually more) than they promise. When I first became interested in purchasing a JDM 80 series Land Cruiser, I emailed Outback and expected to hear back in a few days. Jesse was on the phone about an hour later and this began a very easy process during which all of my questions were answered patiently and I never felt rushed. I also traveled to Vancouver to meet Oliver and was extremely impressed with his knowledge of Land Cruisers and his commitment to delivering a quality truck.

I considered purchasing a truck myself through an importer but decided (after much research) that I would let Outback assume the risk of purchasing a truck that may need more work than expected. I have read many accounts of so-called bargains that ended up costing more than Outback's inclusive price.

I traveled to Vancouver in early May to pick up my 80 and all I can say is that is was better than I expected (and I had HIGH expectations). The interior is spotless, the body is very good with NO rust and it is mechanically perfect. Suffice it to say that Oliver ensured that it will require only oil and filter changes for quite some time. The OME suspension is a must as is the after market stereo. Now it just need an ARB bullbar to look perfect ;-).

It drives really well and the RHD is very easy to get used to. My wife drove it the next day and after about an hour, advised me that I should call Jesse and order another one for myself! I get constant positive comments from people, many of whom ask me if it is new and are amazed to discover it is16 years old.

If you are seriously considering a JDM Land Cruiser, do yourself a favour and call Jesse.

John S. (Victoria, BC)

April 2008:

Hello Everyone,

I have loved Toyota Landcruisers since I bought my first one, a 1980 FJ40, in 1988. I bought my first JDM Landcruiser a couple of years ago and it was stolen in Oct 2007. I wanted another one to replace it. I had known about Outback for some time , so when it was time to go shopping around I looked on their website and there it was a 1989 BJ 74. I contacted Jesse and bought it while it was on the boat from Japan. Now there was already that trust there because I know some customers that dealt with Outback and were very pleased. I live in the Lower Mainland so I was in regular contact with Oliver (the special ops guy). We discussed what I could do to personalize my BJ74. Oliver is a very knowledgeable man who knows his stuff. At first I just wanted the vehicle and do the winch and bulbar myself, but with Outbacks special purchasing powers with the aftermarket parts I wanted, I couldn’t refuse the price even with the installation . I was extremely happy. Jesse and Oliver delivered!

Now this testimonial is being written months after I took delivery of the BJ74 and guess what , I am still extremely pleased probably even more now because I use my Landcruiser in extreme offroad situations (what it is designed for) and it drives and performs just like the day I took delivery of it . My next vehicle will be from Outback.


Aaron K. (Nwe Westminster, BC)

See pictures of Aaron's BJ74 in action in the Customers Gallery

March 2008:


I got to drive the Bighorn on a long trip for the first time last weekend and was most impressed with its handling and comfort. The Bighorn is a great vehicle and I would recommend it to anyone. We are a family of five and regularly need the extra seats for friends and family. On the highway it is a pleasure to drive and we feel very safe in it. We find the seats particularly comfortable. It is stable on the road and has the necessary accelerating power for its class. For hunting and camping it has got us to some pretty out of the way places, in a variety of conditions, including early December snow.

Apart from oil changes, I have not had to top up the oil in 12 000 km -- the level never drops. The best winter fuel consumption we managed to get between Sept and May, was 10.6 l/100km between Dayton and Tonasket, WA, loaded up with the whole family, the dog, plus all our camping equipment. Standard stop-start town driving drives it up to 14. I look forward to seeing what it can do in summer temperatures.

We have done a lot of searching and have not found a comparable vehicle that has Japanese diesel reliability, seven seats, locally interchangeable body parts from its gasoline cousin, and the kind of refurbishing OI gives, for its price range. Check it out and you will agree with me. Most of all, our family has found the Outback experience very positive. They were most cooperative and helpful in addressing any issues that arose following delivery.

Dirk (Langley, BC)

See pictures of Dirk's Bighorn in the Customers Gallery

February 2008:


I recently bought a LandCruiser BJ73 through Outback Imports and wanted to share my experience. Importing a LandCruiser from a foreign country takes a lot of trust and a great deal of knowledge on the importers behalf. Right from day one, Outback Imports made me feel very comfortable with the entire process. I chose Outback Imports because of their reputation of selling only clean high quality LandCruisers and standing by them. These guys know Toyota LandCruisers, inside and out. They left me with the impression that they love what they do and this shows immensely in their work and the trucks they sell. During the Outback Service Package, they left nothing to question. Every little detail has been thought about thoroughly. They will do what ever it takes to make their trucks perfect and ready for expedition use. They have done their home work on this one. I've had my Land cruiser BJ73 for six months now, and have had not one ounce of trouble. This is why I chose them, they live up to their reputation.

I've since done a Old Man Emu suspension upgrade and ARB bumper upgrade. I again chose Outback Imports to provide the components for these upgrades. They had the best prices around and their technical advice was first class.

I would highly recommend Outback Imports, their service is amazing. I would buy another LandCruiser through them in a heart beat. Plain and simple, they're the best.

Michael L. (Victoria, BC)

See pictures of Michael's BJ73 in the Customers Gallery

January 2008:

Thank you Jesse and Oliver,

What makes the Outback service worth it?

Having bought TWO Bighorns, one from Outback (and before that, one from an importer in Calgary) I am in the unique position to let you know that the higher price (compared to the wife’s truck), for the Outback Bighorn has proven on many levels to have been money VERY well spent. New tires for starters and the peace of mind that a real, professional mechanic has obviously gone over the truck.

The Outback Bighorn starts without hesitation even at -45C with hardly any of the diesel white cloud effect that my wife’s Bighorn spews on almost every cold start , and at -45C well what a joy to start compared to the wife’s. Even after replacing the glow plugs, her truck still seems to be over-fuelled on cold start up. It might be the timing or maybe the injectors, wish I was a diesel mechanic but I can tell when a starter is on the way out and yes the wife’s starter is on its last legs. And just recently I’ve replaced both the front brake callipers (that the Calgary importer told me were just replaced, I think he used junk yard parts!)

Long story short: Yes, I would not only buy again from Outback but I would, without hesitation, recommend them. In-fact have been asked on more than one occasion ‘is that a new truck?’. You should see their look when I say it's 15 years old!

We have three boys and will encourage them to buy from Outback!!

Dave & Joanne, Cold Lake Alberta (1992 Isuzu Bighorn)

See pictures of Dave & Joanne's Bighorn in the Customers Gallery

January 2008:

Hi Jesse,

Vik and I extend you and Oliver and the rest of the staff belated Happy X-Mas and prosperous New Year-2008. The truck looks beautiful. You guys have done a wonderful job. We are very much happy with the service and Oliver's courteous and understandable disposition. In near future we are interested in importing another truck through you guys. Keep fingers crossed.

Baldev S.

December 2007:

I had my out of province done yesterday and got the truck (HZJ77) registered.
Just want to let you know that I'm really impressed with all the effort you guys put into these vehicles to make sure they're as good as they can be, and very impressed with the way you guys stand behind your product.  It's been a real treat doing business with you, and I will definitely be recommending you to friends. 

Darren B.

September 2007:

We just want to say how thankful and happy we are with this vehicle (Bighorn). We have just had a week's holiday in it with all seven of us plus the dog. It is really solid on the road and very spacious.

Dirk B. (BC)

See pictures of Dirk's Bighorn in the Customers Gallery

August 2007:

Hi Jesse, I got the van last Friday.

The van is in as good a condition as you say. The engine runs very well and I can easily to 110 kmph on the highway. I was a bit worry about this because of what I picked up on some forum.

Anyway, you have my endorsement for your vehicles, and one more happy customer.

Wayne T. (Quebec)

July 2007:

I am extremely happy with the truck it performed flawlessly on the way home. 2 days I drove for 17hrs with only 15min stops for fuel and it just kept purring all the way. Everyone who sees the truck here in Ontario is astounded by the condition of the vehicle. I am very impressed with your job of preparing the vehicle.

I was very impressed with the service I got from Oliver. He went through everything with me. I ended up just taking the truck to the local shop up north and the safety was a breeze they also could not believe how good of shape the truck was in.

Matt M. (Ontario)

Everyone has their reasons for buying a JDM Truck/SUV. We chose an 80 series Landcruiser from Japan because we need a tough, comfortable and reliable vehicle. Of course everybody wants a reliable and comfortable rig; it just happens that we are planning to drive our rig from Alaska to Argentina next year.

The fact is that Outback Imports takes the hassle out of importing. They inspect the vehicle, service and repair it before you even lay eyes on it. When I flew to Vancouver to pickup our rig, it was spotless, inside and out! The list of parts that were replaced on our particular rig is very long, and it includes the turbo, brakes, main bearings, fluids, even the windshield wipers. Some of these are on top of all the basic items covered in the OSP, but the price never went up on the truck. Needless to say, I was ecstatic when I laid eyes on it.

Oh, did I mention that the paint is MINT, the interior is MINT, and the entire underside is undercoated?

Toyota engineered the Landcruiser to be the world’s toughest SUV. Outback takes that 15 year old SUV and gives it 15 more years of life. One HDJ81 weighs 6000lbs; how much have you recycled this year?

Mike and Melissa –
See more pictures of Mike & Melissa's HDJ81 in our Customers Gallery

June 2007:

The unit (HDJ81 LandCruiser) came to me in great shape and impressed the mechanic who did the inspection. I must say that I love it and appreciate the quality of road readiness that you have put into it.

Cliff C. (Alberta)

May 2007:

WOW! the Hilux is incredible, I can't think of enough words to describe how happy I am with it, the amount of work that was done above and beyond the OSP is incredible. Besides the stiff springs it's the smoothest driving vehicle i've owned. I will write back later with a full review.

Darryl B. (BC)

See pictures of Darryl's Hilux in our Customers Gallery

March 2007:

I'm really digging my Hi-Lux: everything works like new; it goes anywhere; and I can run it cheap on good-for-the-earth biodiesel. Thanks Outback!

Jeff C. (BC)

I just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know that I'm enjoying my new wheels (HDJ81 LandCruiser). The staff have done a great job putting together a turnkey truck.
Ron E.

December 2006:

Thanks for all your help. So far I'm very pleased that I used Outback Imports for this purchase (Nissan Safari). Have a great holiday season!
Daniel L. (Alberta)

I would like to thank you for the effort you made to get me the exact truck I wanted (Hilux Pickup). It was even much more than I expected. I did not think it was going to be in that good of shape. It is like new. I would highly recommend your first class operation to anybody. I may even get you to send me some more business cards, I have been handing them out to people with interest.
I look forward to buying another truck of you in the future.
Bill S. (Manitoba)

I am absolutely floored by the amazing job you guys did on the truck (HDJ81). The truck is everything and more than I was expecting. Just awesome!! Can definitely see the passion for the product!! Anyway,...the wait was well worth it and I will definitely be passing on good words about Outback Imports. Thanks again!!
Mark G. Alberta

November 2006:

The Nissan (Terrano) runs fine and I have driven about 10,000 km without any problems. Overall I am very happy with the purchase and with your service and I do recommend you to the people that stop me and ask where I got it.
P. Majerski (Ont)

October 2006:

First I want to say that I love the my new (HDJ81) land cruiser! The drive back to Calgary was fun and the power of the LC was great. We even hit a snowstorm in the mountains and I felt very safe. It took a couple of hours to really get used to driving on the right side, but now I am very comfortable.
Heath F., Alberta

October 2006:

This is one of many reasons why I bought this truck, like climbing the abandoned Forbidden Plateau ski hill. The truck was amazing! My dad was very impressed. I hope to do many more trips such as this.
Jay Harker
TLCs rule!

October 2006:

I have been meaning to email you to thank you for everything, the truck (HDJ81 LandCruiser) is absolutely fantastic, sometimes it doesn't seem real! I could really go on and on about how great it is, but you already know that! I will send you some pictures of my truck once I spice it up a bit and take it somewhere! Thanks again!

September 2006:

The truck looks fantastic and runs like a top. You guys delivered a real head-turner and my dream of owning one of these has now come true!
Jay, Princeton, B.C.

September 2006:

Hello Outback
Well now having put on a few thousand k I must say that I am satisfied beyond expectation with the cruiser. Thanks again for everything so far Clearly purchasing through Outback has been the right choice. Cheers.

August 2006:

Good trip bringing the truck home, drove really well on highway and windy road coming into Gold River.

Family were all pretty excited about it, 2 year old spent most of the morning playing in it.

In general, everything either met or exceeded my expectation from what had been represented, so thank you.


August 2006:
Dear Outback,

Wow! Is really the best way to sum up my experience with buying my dream vehicle from Outback Imports. I've been able to buy my dream vehicle (and 80 series Diesel) that I wished Toyota Canada would have brought in in the 1st place. Thanks to the Japanese used vehicle market, Canada's 15 year old vehicle import de-regulations and ultimately Outback Imports. I'm one very satisfied customer. And this has all been made possible by the unbelievable service from Outback.


Outback Imports makes this whole process so smooth it was actually unbelievable. From getting the vehicle over from Japan, getting it imported thru customs, registered with ICBC, inspected for safety, to servicing the vehicle to delivering the truck ensuring everything was up to standards, making sure all of the paper work is in complete order so there was no hold ups. Going thru that whole chain, I was expecting that there would be some kinda hang ups here or there. But I experienced nothing. Just fabulous professional and curteous service from Outback.

When my truck was delivered to me at my workplace, everyone at work had been hearing about the arrival of my new truck and came running outside to check it out. Everyone was astonished at how the whole vehicle seemed like it was brand new! I could have licked anywhere on the engine it was so clean. My co-worker who's a Jeep 4x4 guy was instantly jealous of my new optima batteries (and was later jealous of my lockers when we went offroading together). After going over the checklist of the service that had been done, all of the extra goodies that were promised (fire extinguisher, flashlight, first aid kit, service manuals etc.) were all laying in the backseat ready for me. Wow! I was set to go for sure!!!!

Next was the test drive. I hop in the vehicle and feel a little scared driving on the right in my brand spanking new ride! A little timid off the start, it came pretty easy and only took about 1 week until my comfort level was not so timid. Now it's just like 2nd nature to hop in and drive on the right side....and don't even think about it. After running into a few situations where it would have been great to have someone else drive the truck, my girlfriend agreed it was time for her to learn how to drive it (by the way she owned a 60 series deisel when I met her and I had one too!). So yesterday was her 1st time taking it out, and at the end of her little test driving session, she too admitted it wasn't so bad either.

Being this is my 3rd Landcruiser, (a 40series diesel and a 60 series diesel), I knew what I was getting into with these trucks and Toyota has not let me down. Within 7 weeks I was offroading the "Battle Wagon" and was astonished at what the truck can do (my 1st experience with lockers).....check out the video of me climbing the V-Rock outside of Harrision. After that fun day of wheeling, I was driving back on the highway and vehicle can crawl up and over all of this crazy stuff at superslow low geared locked up madness and then hit the freeway and be doing 120km/h and feel like a luxury car. Unbelievable.

Any of you out there considering buying from Outback Imports and want to check the validity of my Testimonial or to ask me further questions about my experience with Outback Imports. Please feel free to contact me at

Again huge thanks to Outback Imports. As for without you and your incredible service, I would not have my beautiful new "Battle Wagon" Landcruiser.

Kerry Uchida
Vancouver, Canada

June 2006:
Did some backroading this weekend and had an absolute fantastic time. That truck's (HDJ81) a tank!

June 2006:

The BJ74 engine is great, lots of torque. It is the most solid feeling vehicle I have ever driven.
G. Bridges.

April 2006:
Hello Outback,

Just a quick note to say thanks for everything. I love the vehicle and have taken it through the paces in the mountains here with great results.
Thanks again, keep in touch, and keep up the good work.
Billy (HJ61 LandCruiser)

April 2006:
Dear Outback Imports Group,

We are writing to express our satisfaction with our latest purchase of our 1989 VX Land Cruiser and 1990 Hiace van. We were very well taken care of and received excellent customer service above and beyond our expectations.

Why Outback Imports? The prep work says it all. Every little detail and more were done with only the best product in mind. Both our vehicles were turnkey, ready to go anywhere on arrival.

We both wanted to switch over to diesel and there is not much out there to choose from! By going diesel, it gave us the choice to use bio diesel and be less dependant on oil companies. What we were looking for was 2 all wheel drive, diesel vehicles' large enough for our 2 children, our 2 dogs and ourselves who are always on the go. Outback Imports had what we were looking for!
If anyone was wondering about?

* Delivery arrangements across the country...not an issue, Outback has it covered and you will be surprised of how little it costs!

* Right hand driving...a few hours and it becomes automatic

* Fifteen years or older...they are just like new. I've had people asking me "Did this model just come out (referring to my HJ61) What year is it! That's amazing''.

If you want to drive a vehicle with character that has the reputation of going everywhere and back ( Land Cruiser) or if you prefer something versatile that the entire family can enjoy (Hiace), Outback has it.
Call them, you will not be disappointed.

Many thanks to Marko and the Outback team.

The Del Ciotto family from Ottawa, Ontario.

To view my vehicle's up close, I can be contacted through Outback Imports.

April 2006:
Dear Outback Imports,

Thank you sincerely for the excellent vehicle - civilization on 4 wheels! The vehicle exceeds description and expectations, and your efforts to deliver to specification as described in your web site are commendable. I have looked at numerous other vehicles from "importers" and have not found anything even remotely comparable - both product and service!

Dr T Polderman

February 2006:
Dear Outback Imports,

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to express how happy I am with the 1989 BJ70 that I purchased from Outback Imports shortly before Christmas. Over the course of the past 2 months I've logged roughly 4000km on my new cruiser (1800 km within the first week of delivery) without any setbacks.
I've been a believer in the superior quality of the Toyota Landcruiser for quite some time and felt confident in your company's prep package...nonetheless, it was a used vehicle and I was prepared to spend some time working the bugs out. I'm extremely happy to report that not a single issue has surfaced. The 3B has enough power to satisfy my middle aged driving habits. The right side drive was a breeze to get used to. Even alternating between left side and right side drive has become second nature.
The fact that you took the initiative to replace a scratched windshield and install a set of clean factory chromed rims at your own expense speaks volumes for Outback Import's quality standards.
Thanks again for selling me a fantastic truck at a very fair price. I've attached a pic of the new addition to our family along with Oprah (my '87 HJ60/410,000 km) in the background. Hope all is well in the North.

Best Regards,
Garth Sired
Red Deer, Alberta

January 2006:

You delivered a fantastic product! And you surpassed my criteria's. I wouldn't be surprised if some individual (friend, family or stranger) gives you a call looking for that special vehicle after seeing my HJ61.
Lucio - Ottawa, ON

January 2006:

What can we say except that "it was worth the wait". We are very satisfied with our truck! (HDJ81 LandCruiser).
Len Yacht Sales West Inc.
Vancouver, B.C.

September 2005:
Hi Marko,

The truck still working great after 22k. I attach a photo of the truck with Kayaks on top.

Eric Demers

September 2005:

I'm very impressed with both the vehicle (Terrano/Pathfinder) and service. It's fun to drive and seems to be about 25 mpg!
cheers, and thanks.


May 2005:
Dear Marko,

All in all I'm very impressed by the unit (Hilux) and really appreciate your service and your honesty. The only regret I have is that you've got a few Landcruisers on your website that sure look nice......... Keep me in mind..... NO question, in the next year I'll be back in Vancouver picking up a new unit!

Best Regards.


May 2005:
Dear Marko,

Once again I have to say that this is the nicest vehicle that I have ever had the pleasure of driving and I have owned some very expensive vehicles. I foresee my BJ71 coming up for sale soon because there is just no comparison in the ride so I don't see a lot of road time in its future. Also must say that I can't express enough gratitude for the extra work and care that you put into the vehicle in making sure that it was right.

A truly enjoyable purchasing experience. A thousand thank yous again and again.

Take care


May 2005:
Dear Marko,

Outback Imports really delivers! My 4Runner is immaculate, very well equipped and the price was exceptional. Your maintenance package is second to none andyour attention to detail was superb. I liked your committment to what you are doing and your interest in the product you sell.


Fred Madryga

December 2004:
Dear Marko,

Please except my thanks and appreciation for discovering and shipping to me my new[er] Landcruiser-aka: unit 04-07.

You can credit your web site, which led me to you with regards to importing good used, rust free Landcruisers. Upon arrival of 04-07, [which only took 6 months to get here from our first emailings to each other] I realized this unit far surpassed my expectations as to its features and qualities. It was indeed a rare find to come across a cruiser with only 55,000 kms showing on the dial and the underside being just as shiny as the top side.

The maintenance package you offer with these imported units is awesome. There is nothing like driving a used vehicle off of the delivery truck and not having to do anything more but put more fuel into it after 800 kms. It was a nice touch to include a complimentary bottle of Red Line DFC and a jug of Delo 400 oil for top up. By the way, the oil level still doesn't need any top up since you serviced it last at about 58,000 back in October, '04.

Since it's arrival here, I took the opportunity of upgrading the sound system in way of a new Alpine tuner and speakers; leather front seats; a set of Terrain Tamer leaf springs on all four corners; a set of 16” rims with taller tires and ….[energizer bunny caption goes in here]

I am looking forward into doing our next project with you: finding a low km's, Toyota _ ton pickup truck, turbo powered diesel…with them Mr. Magoo amber lights.



December 2004:
Dear Marko,

I am absolutely delighted with my full size Toyota Landcruiser that was delivered in June 2004. I have put 20,000 kms on it and it's a real road eater, cruising comfortably at 120 km/hour and returning very good mileage on the 6 cylinder turbo diesel engine. It is also a very capable climber when filled with paragliders and pilots climbing the steep mine roads at Jakes corner in September.

The 31" BF Goodrich tires give surprisingly good traction.

In 4X4 high the vehicle cruises comfortably in excess of 100km/hr with no drive chain noise or steering pull. This really is a 4X4 for Canada.

Thanks to John Gow for pointing me in your direction.

R. Bamford

P.S. Driving on the wrong side is no problem at all.

October 2004:
Dear Outback Imports:
I was searching the most reliable, fuel efficient, powerful, versatile and affordable vehicle available for a upcoming trip in South America. My choice ended up on the Toyota Landcruiser. Outback Imports searched for me the perfect truck with the exact specification I asked for. It was the first time I was doing business on internet and I had a very good experience. Service from Outback Imports is no match to any dealer and Marko is always available for questions. Even if the truck is 1988, it is in perfect condition and looks very sharp. I highly recommend Outback Imports for good Toyota trucks.
E. Demers
Montreal, Quebec

July 2004: "I would like to thank you for the effortless purchase of our new 1988 Toyota 12HT Landcruiser. The vehicle is exactly as you described it and better."

June 2004:

This is a unique 'testimonial' from one of our eastern clients! We've already offered him a position on the marketing team!!


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